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crusher pinion end seal

Pinion Seal Replacement Is this all I need to Know

08.06.2009  Is replacing the pinion seal as easy as 1 remove DS 2 remove Pinion Nut 3 remove Yoke 4 remove and replace pinion seal 5 replace yoke 6 replace nut with red loctite torque to 100 lbft 7 replace DS Planning to also change the fluid while I am at it Am I missing

Pinion seal/crush sleeve

09.07.2007  Logged Pinion seal/crush sleeve Thursday May 10 2007 07 09 AM Ol stupid Heep guy buys a Sammy The rear pinion seal starts leaking after a SPOA and about 1000 miles So Dana 44 guy pulls the drive shaft air guns the nut off removes the yoke and pulls the old seal After all is apart he wonders does it have a crush sleeve instead of

Differential Pinion Pre Load Adjustment.

Pinion pre load is the force pressure between the pinion bearings blue and the pinion bearing s race yellow As the pinion nut is tightened it forces the yoke against a crush sleeve red that is designed to control collapse under force Not enough force from the pinion nut and the crush sleeve holds the pinion bearings too far away from the pinion race resulting in not enough pinion

Rear pinion seal question

27.11.2020  Topic Rear pinion seal question Posted 28 Aug 2021 at 8 46am So rear pinion seal leaking on 48 2A Ordered part # 998092 from Ron Fitzpatrick and they obviously do not look the same My concern is when I put in the new seal the rubber flange that sticks out will not allow me to secure the castle nut back in place and line up with the pinion.

HELP Pinion Seal replacement question

20.08.2013  I am restoring a 69 Camaro with a 12 bolt rear end The pinion seal has been leaking and decided time to replace I was just in the phase of getting set up for nut removal and was surprised what little torque was required to break the nut loose I could break the nut free using a two foot breaker bar with little effort I did verify prior to even attempting the job that there was no in/out end

9 Differential Pinion Nut Torque

16.10.2002  I got my new seal and crush sleeve for the differential I poped the old seal out pulled the washer and bearing set out took out the old crush sleeve and then put everything back on in the reverse order I torked the pinion nut to 140 ft lbs and made my first pre load measurement It was below 10 in lbs I kept going all the way up to 175 ft lbs and I still have below 10 in lbs The

Setting Differential Pinion Nut Preload

16.03.2009  I need to replace the pinion seal on the differential because it basically drains the diff in a week s time The pinion assembly has the typical crush spacer and slot nut in which you peen onto the splined yoke to prevent unfastening The PDF states to record the friction torque required to move the entire rear axle assembly components assuming the brake pads and park brake shoes aren t

REVISITED Rear Pinion Seal Installation Reusing Crush

24.08.2016  Ford F150REVISITED Rear Pinion Seal Installation Reusing Crush Sleeve Hey Folks I recently searched for and found a ton of threads outlining the replacement of the rear pinion seal while reusing the original crush sleeve This is preferred since the procedure for setting the pinion bearing load

replacing 8.25 rear end pinion seal

17.01.2016  replacing 8.25 rear end pinion seal Page 1 of 1 8 posts Previous topic Next topic Author but now I wonder if I should replace the pinion seal while the assembly is sitting on jack stands on the garage floor Based on reading the FSM and what I can find on the web I think I can use the following procedure to replace the seal without messing with the bearings or the crush spacer 1


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Pinion seal leak

18.12.2016  This is a very common method of repairing a worn contact seal fitment Use a little RTV sealant on the OD of the new seal to insure zero leakage to the carrier Watch the preload on the pinion bearing If you over tighten the crush collar then you will have to replace it The crush collar sets the pinion bearing preload NOT the pinion depth

How to loosen pinion nut if rearend is already out

04.03.2010  Never use a crush sleeve over I have done it but that was in a bad situation only The right way is to take it apart and inspect everything and install a new crush sleeve front seal and pinion nut at the minimum Tighten crush sleeve to proper bearing preload/drag Check manual for


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Pinion Seal Replaced Pinion Nut Torque Q

23.06.2014  If your just swapping the pinion yoke out or putting in a new pinion seal and your re using the old crush collar just tighten the nut back down till ALL the slop is gone and then tighten about a 1/4 turn more to make sure there is tension on the old crush collar If using a new crush collar you will need a big cheater bar to crush it down to where you get about 5 10 ft lbs of rotational

Rear Pinion Seal

03.10.2009  315/70/R17 Dick Cepek Crusher Tires 17 x9 American Racing ATX Chamber Rims 4.5 Rim Backspace with 1.250 Spacers 3.250 total BS 172dB Dragon Roar Train Horn Save Share Reply Sarge Registered Joined Apr 25 2005 593 Posts #2 Oct 3 2009 You can do your own seal but you definitely need to research it before you start Since our trucks use a standard GM style rear end

Rear Diff Pinion Seal Leaking

17.08.2011  Ah Now this is starting to make sense The part I thought was the crush sleeve is merely the nut with the staked collar I didn t even pull the bearing out or the crush sleeve for that matter Just put the new seal in and re tightened the nut to 11 lbs The one last thing I failed to do was re stake the nut I had help with this project and


crush collar/preload shims and without the pinion seal d Use the old pinion nut to secure the yoke and tighten to obtain the factory specified preload e Tap on the yoke a few times to ensure that the races are fully seated and recheck your pinion preload tighten the nut to reset the preload to factory specs f Install the carrier to fit snugly in the ho using and set the backlash to DSSUR

rear end pinion nut ouch

19.05.2008  I recently replaced the pinion oil seal on my 88 chevy 1500 s rear end All was good until today My wife was driving the truck when the bolt on the pinion loosened allowing the oil to leak out and the gears to come out of mesh She got the truck home and then after looking at it i found the nut loose I put everything back together and it seems fine now A few questions.

Leaking pinion seal

03.08.2021  Be sure to check the pinion shaft for excessive end play before you get all excited about preloads Most of the time if a pinion seal is leaking it is because there is excessive play due to wear or an improper setup after a bearing replacement Dave Aug 2 2021 #5.

Anyone know how to replace rear end seal

01.06.2005  A rear seal itself is not that hard to replace The tricky bit is ensuring that the pinion preload is measured before the thing is taken apart and that when reassembled the preload is set to where it was perhaps just slightly more to get a bit more crush on the collar.

Differential Shop for Pinion Seal Replacement

10.02.2021  Pull the yoke pry out the seal clean with emery cloth until mirror smooth all sealing surfaces lube with white grease install new seal re install yoke torque to spec s The worst that can happen is another leaking seal and the 5 30 cost You didn t mention any odd noises or vibrations so it may be a cheap fix The crush sleeve if used has already been crushed and created the proper

Rear Differential Parts Dana 70

We a complete line of rear end parts for the Dana 70 differential You can purchase high quality ring and pinion sets in various ratios high quality bearing rear end bearing overhaul kits including pinion bearings pinion seal crush sleeve pinion nut shims ring gear bolts marking compound and gasket This differential is manufactured in three different configuraions Dana 70 Dana 70U

Rear end seal leak

25.12.2013  The new pinion seals that superseded the originals back in the day are not an exact replacement The rubber lip of the seal is set or located deeper in the outer metal seal housing so if the seal is driven all the way into the differential housing the rubber lip of the seal can and probably will end up beyond the end of the yoke and thus leak Solution is to not drive the seal in all the way

Differential Crush Sleeves

Pinion Crush Sleeves Steel Chrysler 8.25 in./8.375 in Pair Part Number RNB 81055 Not Yet Reviewed

66 79 Rear End / Differential Rebuild Kit

66 79 Rear End / Differential Rebuild KitDeluxe Bearing And Seal 0 reviews write a review Includes 2 Timken Side Carrier Bearings 1 Timken Front Pinion Bearing 1 Timken Rear Pinon Bearing 2 Side Yoke Bearings 1 Pinion Seal 2 Side Yoke Seals 1 Cover Gasket 1 Crush Sleeve Ring Gear Bolts Pinion Shims Side Shims Marking Compound Threadlock Pinion Nut This kit is for read full

Changing the rear diff pinion seal with diff in the car

12.01.2008  Now the aftermarket sleeve will crush much easier then an original GM sleeve so chances are much better when installing a seal in an original diff If the yoke OD is bad or #2 not used it will leak with a new seal every time Gary 69 vert 350 M20 373 s 72 coupe 350 TH400 336 s Save Share Reply gbak Registered Joined May 1 2007 122 Posts Discussion Starter #13 Jan 12 2008

Anyone know how to replace rear end seal

01.06.2005  A rear seal itself is not that hard to replace The tricky bit is ensuring that the pinion preload is measured before the thing is taken apart and that when reassembled the preload is set to where it was perhaps just slightly more to get a bit more crush on the collar.

Replacing pinion seal on 8.75 rear end

07.06.2019  Main thing is that you do not want to be too loose or too tight but on the 89 if you end up too tight the crush sleeve probably got crushed some more and then you need to either shim it or start over and yes you can shim it If that happens shimming it is a crutch but it works That high torque stuff is for new set ups with new bearings but even then I don t even try to hit it on the 41 s

8 Ford diff leaking around pinion nut

28.08.2011  Now as far as having the pinion lash reset after replacing a sealnot necessary You already have the crush washer or stack of shims set and it has already become a solid one piece unit which will not change if you disassemble it to just replace a pinion seal Also if this guy does these on a regular basis he probably uses a solid spacer and shims to set the preload.

Replacing Rear Diff Pinion Sealquestion

25.05.2006  Pinion seal I have replaced a lot of pinion seals on crush sleeve type differentials and I have never had any problems as long as you follow a few simple rules First of all remove the driveshaft I recommend marking the shaft and the yoke to realign to the same spot Take a center punch and put three marks one on the shaft the nut and the

Replacing rear pinion bearing in Dodge 1500

25.08.2011  It sounds like someone in the past might have replaced the pinion seal without KNOWING HOW TO DO IT CORRECTLY Whenever you remove/loosen the pinion nut you have to replace the crush washer and torque the pinion nut tighter until you get the proper pinion gear to ring gear alignment using machinist blue to check the mesh/alignment of the gears until the contact pattern is

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How To Replace An 8.8 inch Pinion Seal

23.06.2014  Protect the end of the pinion gear against damage See all 16 photos 05 The pinion seal is removed using a seal remover Alternatively you can carefully pry the seal out of the housing using a

crush sleeve pinion seal install

20.09.2008  I just got the new pinion seal seated and I was told that I was going to need this crush sleeve but i have no idea where it goes I didnt see it when i took the the pinion bolt off and haynes manual mentions nothing of it Am i good to go ahead without the crush sleeve Thanks in adavnce John Sponsors StangNet members Check out our new knowmoto app and win a 100 gift card

setting backlash on 57 Chevy rear

16.05.2010  One further point is that when setting up the pinion bearing preload you do that without the seal in place You fit that at the end The preload on the pinion bearing is governed by the shims the nut in conjunction just holds it all together As my trade school teach said years ago the crush sleeve stops the nut from falling off.

10 bolt pinion seal change

03.11.2011  The seal is easy and although they have a special tool to make it easy but I think I used a long bar to go through the U joint mount and had it bind to the ground so the pinion wouldn t spin and I used a long cheater bar to crush the sleeve but if you don t need to crush the sleeve and mark it all is trivial and you can very easily just torque it until the line lines up But if the bearing